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Welcome to my surgical practice

Dr. Natalie Kuchen (MD)

Clinical Associate Professor UNIC

Your reliable specialist for diseases
of the internal organs (visceral surgery)

Dear Patients,

welcome to my surgical practice.

I provide treatment and advice to patients with surgical diseases of the internal organs (visceral surgery).

If a disease requires a surgical intervention, I will accompany and advise you respectfully as a reliable specialist. I will explain the procedure and also suggest possible alternatives to you. This supports you in taking a decision with confidence and in undergoing treatment by our team. The operations are performed using state-of-the-art technology and with the greatest possible care.

Together with my practice partner, we offer seamless care and are available to our patients for emergencies around the clock 24/7.

We provide treatment for patients of all insurance classes, both as outpatients at the OPERA Zumikon and as inpatients at the Zurich Hirslanden Clinic.

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We treat patients of all insurance classes.

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